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Over the years, Africa has been struggling to take her pride of place on world economic map with little success. Due to the human and rich natural resources in Africa, the continent has become conducive for all kinds of trades with high potential for growth and development. The importance of oil, gas, petrochemical products, agro products as well as solid minerals in global economic development is absolute. However, the traditional management methods along with bureaucracy in most African Companies are not adequately catering for market demands so the presence of a private company to create effective business interactions and to augment the responses of governments is needed.

Forward Africa Nigeria Limited is one of such companies established to usurp the potentials of private sector in order to provide specialized services to cover different sectors. Our main goal is to participate significantly in the global market to respond to consumers' inquiries and meet their requirements by the use of advanced knowledge, high quality products and the best customer services. We reason globally and we believe in providing appropriate and balanced services for our stakeholders. Our markets are expanded significantly through concerted efforts to provide high quality products, unequalled high performance and unique punctual responses.

Forward Africa Nigeria Limited has officially commenced business activities and is involved in the trading of petroleum and petrochemical products, export of agricultural products and solid mineral resources, general and industrial procurement as well as Logistics management.

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